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Complete this application to apply for a Miller College of Business Graduate Assistantship.

Application Deadline: March 1.

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3. Assistantship Program

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Center for Business and Economic Research
Entrepreneurship Center
Center for Professional Selling
Information Systems/Operations Management/Business Education
MCOB Student Services

4. Employment and References

(i.e. ABC Corp., 11 Elm, Chicago IL/(555)555-5555, Assistant Manager, 10/1999 to 10/2002)
(i.e. John Doe, (760)555-5555, Director of Operations)

5. Transcripts and Personal Statement


Have you submitted current transcripts to our office for each undergraduate and graduate institution which you previously attended?*

If no, you must send or drop off all current transcript(s) to our office before the hiring process can begin.

Miller College of Business
Whitinger Business Building, room 147
2000 W. University Ave.
Muncie, IN 47306

Personal Statement

In this statement, be sure to include career goals and any information that might be helpful to the departments during the hiring process.

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Refer to the current graduate catalog concerning restrictions and additional information concerning graduate assistantships.

Once submitted, your application will be routed to the departments, and they will contact you for interviews. You will be notified of acceptance by the individual departments.

Ball State University practices equal opportunity in education and employment and is strongly and actively committed to diversity within its community.

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