Communication Studies - Graduate Internship Application
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Application for Graduate Internship
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Please check the items below indicating those areas you feel comfortable with for internship duties: *  Conduct complete internal communication audit (surveys, focus groups, interviews, observations and analyses of internal communication practices and policies).
  Conduct Training Needs Analyses.
  Develop a wide variety of communication-related seminars and workshops.
  Facilitate a wide variety of seminars, workshops, special events, and programs.
  Coordinate special events and conferences.
  Develop and deliver multi-media presentations.
  Review training programs and materials and develop recommendations for improvement.
  Maintain training records for departments and individuals.
  Upgrade and create training for unique remote site applications.
  Develop employee policy manuals, revise job descriptions and appraisal systems.
  Revise employee policy manuals, and hiring appraisal practices regarding ADA-EEO guidelines.
  Develop and implement effective public relations campaigns.
  Generate internal communications such as newsletters and brochures.
  Develop and maintain World Wide Web sites.
  Grant research and writing.
  Predict trends.
  Effectively market programs and events.
  Facilitate group and individual interviews.
  Teach a college course.
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Office Use Only  Student in good standing
  Job description received
  Completed recommended coursework in the Department
  Permission to register granted
  Contract received
  Paperwork completed