Advisory Council

The IPR Advisory Council was established in 1997, and operates under bylaws adopted in the same year. The quarterly Advisory Council meetings are open to the public, as required by Section 396(k)(5) of the Communications Act.

Open meeting policy:

Under the statutory definition of “meeting,” the IPR Advisory Council meetings are open to the public whenever a quorum is in attendance, and deliberations are taking place which relate to public broadcasting.

Members of the public who wish to attend an Advisory Council meeting should contact Kristen Bitzegaio, Outreach Coordinator, at 765-285-5887 or, as seating is limited.

About the IPR Advisory Council

Advisory Council Membership:

As stated in its bylaws, the IPR Advisory Council consists of three individuals from each area where IPR has a transmitter (i.e. the areas covered by the WBST, WBSB, WBSJ, WBSW and WBSH signals) as well as an unspecified number of at-large members. The length of a term on the Council is three years. The station is represented at meetings by the general manager and a staff member who is responsible for keeping Council records.

Advisory Council Meetings:

The IPR Advisory Council meets quarterly. The first meeting of each fiscal year is the Annual Meeting, held in August, with the remaining meetings in November, February and May. Meetings are usually held at Ball State University’s Alumni Center except when otherwise determined by the members. Dates and times for quarterly meetings are selected by the Council at the Annual Meeting and will be posted online. The Chair is elected at the Annual Meeting, with a quorum of two-thirds of the members being present. For all other meetings, a quorum consists of a simple majority of members.

Advisory Council Purpose:

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to advise and assist IPR’s management in support of public radio broadcasting. The group does not act on specific matters of programming, management, operations or policy. It has no fiduciary responsibility. The Council does provide important input regarding the role of public radio in the communities covered by the station’s broadcast signal.

The duties of members include:

  • Representing the diverse interests of the IPR listening area, and advise IPR on the specific needs of each community;
  • Representing IPR in the community and serve as advocates for IPR;
  • Assisting IPR in identifying prospects and raising funds for the construction and operation of stations;
  • Assisting IPR in identifying and recruiting IPR volunteers; and
  • Serving as a local resource for information and introductions.

Questions about the Advisory Council:

Please direct questions about the IPR Advisory Council to Kristen Bitzegaio, Outreach Coordinator, at 765-285-5887 or

2012-13 Indiana Public Radio Advisory Council Members:

Chair: Annette Craycraft

Delaware County

  • Traci Lutton
  • Tom Schwartz
  • James Murray

Henry-Wayne Counties

  • Lisa Dykhoff

Grant County

  • Susan Albrecht
  • Marvin Wiseman
  • Ruth Ann Masiongale
Vice Chair: Peggy Cenova

Madison County

  • Duane Hoak
  • Karen Warner
  • Deanna May

Jay County

  • vacancy
  • vacancy


  • Annette Craycraft
  • Matt Howell