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Indiana Democratic Party files petition against Secretary of State-elect Charlie White

by IPR News

November 19, 2010

The Indiana Democratic Party has filed a petition with the state, saying Secretary of State-elect Charlie White is not eligible to serve.  White, a Republican, is currently under investigation for voter fraud.  The state must decide whether he intentionally voted outside of his district – using the address of his old home.  If it was intentional, Indiana law says the act is a felony.  The Indiana Democratic Party says if White is found guilty and has to resign, White’s Democratic opponent Vop Osili should take office.  Usually, the governor would appoint a replacement.   But the party’s petition claims state law says when a candidate commits fraud or is ineligible to serve, the second highest vote-getter would replace them – which is Osili.  Indiana GOP Chairman Murray Clark dismissed the petition as an attempt to undermine the votes 340,000 Hoosiers cast for White during the election.