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Twelve Indiana candidates face ballot challenges

by IPR News and Network Indiana

February 17, 2012

Twelve Indiana candidates face challenges to their right to appear on the state’s primary ballot.  Noon today was the deadline for any Hoosier to file a challenge to any candidate with the Indiana Elections Commission.  Included in that 12 is Senator Richard Lugar.  A tea party group says because he lives permanently in Washington, he’s committing voter fraud because he isn’t an Indiana resident.  The commission will also consider whether presidential candidate Rick Santorum and gubernatorial candidate Jim Wallace should be removed from the ballot.  Both fell short of the required 500 petition signatures in Indiana’s 7th district.  Both candidates say that Marion County Voter Registration officials improperly disallowed signatures they should have counted.  Five Indiana House candidates also face challenges.  Claims say three live outside the districts they are running for.  And two Republican candidates face claims they are ineligible because they are registered Democrats.  Three members of the four-member commission have to vote against a candidate for them to be removed from the May 8th primary ballot.