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Revenue errors from state upset local governments

by Brandon Smith

April 13, 2012

In the last few months, Indiana state government announced two programming errors that resulted in more than a half billion dollars being misplaced.  The latest mistake kept money from local governments for a year and half.  Some say they’re happy to finally have the money.  But as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, others are... More »

“Bully” documentary comes to regional theaters

by Cody Butler

April 13, 2012

A new documentary about children who are bullied has been making headlines around the country.  “Bully” is opening today at Indianapolis-area theaters.  As IPR’s Cody Butler reports, school officials think the movie can start a conversation about how kids treat each other. “Bully” opens today at the following regional theaters: Keystone Art Cinema — Indianapolis... More »

StateImpact Indiana: Summer Tuition

by StateImpact Indiana

April 12, 2012

Colleges across the state are trying to find creative ways to decrease tuition costs … to appease a state legislature that has been critical of university spending.  Indiana University administrators lowered the cost of summer classes this year by 25 percent.  But as StateImpact Indiana’s Julie Rawe reports, many students say while the discounts are... More »

Indiana grape growers worried about frost

by Indiana Public Broadcasting

April 11, 2012

Indiana’s wine grapes budded early this year, thanks to unusually warm winter temperatures.  But now, southern Indiana grape growers are scrambling to protect those grapes from frost.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Sarah Wittmeyer explains how one Bloomington vineyard is dealing with the cold. More »

StateImpact Indiana: Eight Step Process

by Kyle Stokes

April 5, 2012

Job dissatisfaction among teachers has reached an all-time high.  One of the reasons why, according to a national survey:  teachers are increasingly working alone.  More than a third of teachers reported getting less time for collaboration with their colleagues this year.  But some Indiana schools say they’ve found a way to reverse that trend — and in the process,... More »

State program error witholds millions of dollars in tax revenue from counties

by Brandon Smith

April 5, 2012

Millions of dollars in income tax revenue has been withheld from Indiana counties because of another programming error at the state Department of Revenue.  And as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, the head of the Department of Revenue will step down as a result. A full list of undistributed tax revenue owed to Indiana... More »

Ball State police train community in citizen’s academy

by Virginia Stigall

April 3, 2012

Every year, Ball State University’s police department trains students and community members to be volunteer police officers.  IPR’s Virginia Stigall spent time with the crop of students in this year’s 10-week Citizen’s Academy.   More »

Court hears closing arguments in State v. IBM

by Brandon Smith

April 3, 2012

After six weeks of trial and nearly one hundred witnesses, attorneys for the state of Indiana and technology company IBM made their closing arguments in Marion County court today.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports. More »

Democratic US Senate candidate introduces jobs plan

by Brandon Smith

April 2, 2012

Democratic Senate candidate Joe Donnelly is touring the state this week to unveil a jobs plan for the state.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, the South Bend congressman’s first stop was an Indianapolis alternative fuel laboratory. More »

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