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Indiana officials react to Supreme Court healthcare ruling

by Indiana Public Broadcasting

June 28, 2012

Like other political figures today, Indiana’s governor and attorney general are reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold the individual mandate of the healthcare reform law.  Indiana joined with 25 other states to challenge the law.  Today, state Attorney General Greg Zoeller says bringing that lawsuit was the only way to ensure the law was constitutional.  Zoeller says people should respect the decision, whether they agree with it or not… even if they were as surprised as he was at that decision.

Zoeller says he and his office will continue to study the ruling in order to advise the state and Hoosier citizens on its impact to them.  That’s also the stance Governor Mitch Daniels is taking.  He says he wants to make sure he understands the court’s ruling before deciding how Indiana will respond.  Daniels is concerned with the provision expanding Medicaid coverage.  He says it would cost the state at least $2 billion between 2014 and 2020.  Daniels says if the expansion is optional, legislators will have to decide whether to go ahead with it.

Currently, 850,000 Hoosiers are uninsured.  That is 13.4 percent of Indiana’s population.