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Gubernatorial candidates announce plans to help Hoosiers

by Stephanie Wiechmann

July 31, 2012

Indiana gubernatorial candidates Mike Pence and John Gregg today announced major policy initiatives to help working Hoosiers.

At a speech in Indianapolis this morning, Republican Mike Pence says he wants to cut personal income tax in the state by 10 percent over his first two years in office.  Pence says the average family would save more than $200 with his proposed cut.  In a press release, Pence says he would make the cut without dipping into the state’s billion dollar reserve by “holding the line on spending.”  According to the Pence campaign, the tax cut would cost about $530 million.

Democrat John Gregg made his announcement at a press conference in Anderson this afternoon.  Gregg is calling for Hoosier women to be paid the same as men for the same work.  Gregg says Indiana women make 74 cents for each dollar a man makes for the same job.  As governor, Gregg says he will make sure state employees are paid the same regardless of gender.

Gregg also wants to recognize private businesses that comply with equal pay for equal work.  He will also set up an anonymous tip line for employees to report gender-based pay inequality without the fear of retaliation.