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Gubernatorial candidates address energy issues

by Stephanie Wiechmann

August 29, 2012

Two men running to be Indiana’s next governor have told state energy leaders this week what their plans for energy policy are if they are elected in November.  Today, Democrat John Gregg addressed the 12th annual Indiana Conference on Energy Management.  Republican Mike Pence addressed the same conference yesterday.

Gregg told the conference that he has worked for two different coal companies in his life.  He says he will champion energy from coal, methane, natural gas, bio-fuels, and wind.  He also says he wants to create jobs by having windmills used in wind farm projects built in Indiana.

Pence says the state needs to diversify its sources of energy and keep prices low through competition.  He says the state should work with universities to identify innovative energy solutions. And Pence says nuclear power needs to be part of the discussion and noted that “small modular reactors” are already being developed in Indiana.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.