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Indiana’s trucking industry is hiring, but not finding people for open jobs

by Sarah Phinney

November 30, 2012

Indiana’s unemployment rate in October was 8 percent – which is in the middle of the pack when compared to the other 49 states.  Some industries are hiring new workers, but they are having trouble finding people to fit the unique qualifications for the jobs.  One of those is the trucking industry.  IPR’s Sarah Phinney... More »

Indiana financier Tim Durham sentenced to 50 years for bilking investors

by Indiana Public Broadcasting

November 30, 2012

Indianapolis businessman Tim Durham has been sentenced to 50 years in prison for bilking investors out of $200 million.  Prosecutors in front of the US District Court in Indianapolis sought a 225-year prison sentence.  Durham’s attorney asked for a sentence of three years in prison and two years of home detention.   Today, Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson... More »

StateImpact Indiana: Reorganization

by Elle Moxley

November 29, 2012

Running a school corporation is expensive. That’s why Governor Mitch Daniels has pushed consolidation as a way for small, rural schools to save money. But it’s not a popular move. As StateImpact Indiana’s Elle Moxley reports, voters in Northern Parke County recently decided to reorganize in a last ditch effort to avoid consolidation. More »

58 percent of Hoosiers voted in general election

by Stephanie Wiechmann

November 29, 2012

Final voter turnout numbers for this month’s election have been released from the Secretary of State’s office today.  Connie Lawson says 58 percent of Hoosier registered voters went to the polls during the general election.  That is 2.6 of the 4.5 million registered voters.  Lawson’s office says the state fell short of the record 62... More »

Legislative study committee makes DCS recommendation

by Brandon Smith

November 27, 2012

After months of meetings and hours of testimony, a study committee examining the Department of Child Services finalized recommendations today for how to fix the much-maligned statewide hotline.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports. The study committee also recommended the creation of two committees to help govern the state agency.  The DCS Oversight Committee would... More »

David Letterman interviews Oprah Winfrey on Ball State campus

by Stephanie Wiechmann

November 26, 2012

Ball State University famous alumnus David Letterman returned to Muncie last night to interview another media great – talk show host Oprah Winfrey.  IPR’s Stephanie Wiechmann was there.   More »

Village Post Offices opening slowly in Indiana

by Gretchen Frazee

November 21, 2012

The U.S. Postal Service has partnered with local businesses to create Village Post Offices around the state as a part of its cost-cutting measures. Fourteen have been created in Indiana.  But as Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Gretchen Frazee reports, the managers of some of those post offices have not yet seen the increase in business they... More »

Automatic taxpayer refund set at $111 per Hoosier

by Indiana Public Broadcasting

November 21, 2012

Indiana’s large state budget surplus has triggered a law that give some of that money back to Hoosiers in the form of a tax credit on state tax returns this year.  Governor Mitch Daniels announced today that each Hoosier will receive a $111 credit.  For married couples filing jointly, the credit is $222.  The credit... More »

State Supreme Court hears school voucher case

by StateImpact Indiana's Elle Moxley

November 21, 2012

Indiana Supreme Court justices want to know whether the state’s school voucher program primarily benefits Hoosier families or religious institutions.  The high court heard arguments this morning in a challenge to the 2011 law that allows students to attend private schools at a discounted rate using state-funded vouchers.  More than nine thousand students are participating... More »

StateImpact Indiana: Turnaround

by Kyle Stokes

November 20, 2012

Tony Bennett’s unprecedented state takeovers of five schools with a history of low test scores helped define his four years as state superintendent.  These takeovers grabbed headlines.  But his teams also identified and, in various ways, intervened in hundreds of struggling schools statewide too.   Now, state superintendent-elect Glenda Ritz is preparing to assume some responsibility... More »

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