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Governor-elect Pence is still opposed to healthcare reform law

by Stephanie Wiechmann

November 15, 2012

Now that election season is over and Mike Pence will be the next governor, he is reiterating his viewpoint that Indiana should not develop a state-based health insurance exchange as part of the upcoming Affordable Care Act implementation.  Indiana must tell the United States government by tomorrow whether it will establish a state-based exchange – a kind-of marketplace for insurers and consumers.  During the election season, Governor Mitch Daniels met with all three gubernatorial candidates to get their views on how to implement the Affordable Care Act.   Pence has long been an opponent of the healthcare reform law and said this during his campaign for Governor:


Today, Pence sent a second formal letter to Daniels with his view on the new healthcare law.  He says a state-based exchange would cost taxpayers millions of dollars and he isn’t sure it would benefit Hoosiers.  In the letter, Pence also says he is opposed to a partner exchange between the state and federal government – another option under the new law.  Indiana has until February to decide whether or not to implement that type of exchange.