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Expert says ISTEP test glitches did not impact scores

by Kyle Stokes

July 29, 2013

An outside testing expert has found that widespread disruptions to Indiana’s online ISTEP student achievement tests last April did not hurt students’ scores – on average.  That’s the finding of Richard Hill with the Center for Assessment.   State officials hired Hill to review data from the interrupted test.

Hill presented his findings to state lawmakers today.  At least 79 thousand students saw their ISTEP websites lock up or reject their log-in information during testing in April.


Hill is continuing to study the results.  He says he’ll attempt to identify individual students whose scores might have been impacted — though he says this task will be like “finding a needle in a haystack.”  State superintendent Glenda Ritz says she’s given local schools flexibility in using the data for calculating teacher evaluation scores.  She also told lawmakers today that if state officials find any individual test scores to be invalid, those individual scores won’t count against a school’s letter grade.