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Muncie Community Schools consolidation options by the numbers

by Stephanie Wiechmann

August 28, 2013

Muncie Community Schools officials are calculating the cost of what closing specific school buildings will do to their budget next school year. Earlier this month, M-C-S officials presented four consolidation options to community members in a town hall meeting.  Some asked for figures on how much each option will save.  At last night’s town hall meeting at Northside Middle School, officials delivered the numbers.

Closing one high school will save about $1.7 million.  Closing one middle school will save $1.4 million .  Closing one elementary school – which was not part of the four original options – would save $731,000.  Officials also presented a fifth option based on community ideas.  Creating a junior-senior high school and closing two middle schools would save almost $3 million.

Muncie Community Schools will hold two more town hall meetings to get input from the community before board members vote on an option in November.  The first is September 11th at Wilson Middle School.  The last is October 8th at Central High School.