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Indiana Congressional delegation splits votes on shutdown-ending deal

by Stephanie Wiechmann

October 17, 2013

Indiana’s Congressional delegation spent last night and today defending their votes on the deal that ends the government shutdown and temporarily extends the country’s debt ceiling.  Both of Indiana’s senators, Republican Dan Coats and Democrat Joe Donnelly, voted for the late-night agreement in the Senate.

Votes were more mixed in the House of Representatives.  Four Indiana Representatives voted for the deal – Democrats Pete Visclosky and Andre Carson and Republicans Susan Brooks and Todd Young.  Five Hoosier Republicans voted against the deal. They are Jackie Walorski, Marlin Stutzman, Todd Rokita, Luke Messer, and Larry Buschon.

Susan Brooks of the 5th District says voting to end the shutdown was the “responsible choice.”  She says she wants to reduce debt and defund the President’s healthcare law, and the bicameral budget negotiations called for in the deal are a good way to start.

Luke Messer of the 6th District says he voted no because the deal did not include the defunding of the Affordable Care Act or cut the nation’s debt.  He did say that he was glad to see the shutdown ending.