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Designed to move Ball State forward in our quest for increasing community engagement, the Integrated Cultural Committee provides general oversight and guidance to the campus to ensure visitors fully benefit from our array of assets and unite us in our efforts.

Ball State University seeks to serve our extensive community in a way that revitalizes and sustains our city and our region. We define “our community” as all of Ball State University’s faculty, staff, and students, and the residents of and visitors to our city and region.

Our faculty, staff, and students interact with this community to encourage curiosity, interest, and engagement in the world. As a part of our commitment, community members attend and experience athletic, theatre, music, and other arts, educational, environmental, and entertainment events on campus and throughout our region. Community engagement ranges from a one-time special experience to a long-term partnership or tradition.

The Integrated Cultural Committee is dedicated to:

  • Cultivating a culture and climate throughout campus events where community members experience a sense of belonging and engagement.
  • Evaluating, revising, and communicating organizational policies and systems to improve clarity, efficiency, and ease-of-use.
  • Ensuring events and programming reflect Ball State’s commitment to Inclusive Excellence.
  • Engaging with our community to diversify and expand our reach.
  • Providing and advocating for opportunities and tools that increase the impact of our programs and sites.


Maureen Nicholson, David Owsley Museum of Art
Erica Oliver, Field Station and Environmental Education Center

Assistant to Chairs:

Bianca Sulanke, Office of Community Engagement


Cathy Bretz, David Owsley Museum of Art
Jennifer Halvorson, Marilyn K. Glick Center for Glass
Phil Hoffman, Ball State Public Media
Lisa Jarrell, University Libraries
Michelle Kinsey, Office of Community Engagement
Ashley Mann, Ball State Public Media
Cindy Miller, East Washington Academy
Kevin Mullaney, Ball State Athletics
Lexi Musselman, College of Fine Arts
Robert Myers, John R. Emens Auditorium & Pruis Hall
Dayna Thompson, Charles W. Brown Planetarium
Haley Wade, Emens Auditorium 

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