Ball State University provides teleworking and flexible work options because these arrangements support a variety of University goals related to recruitment and retention, sustainability, excellence, financial savings, and well-being. The Teleworking and Flexible Work Arrangement Guidelines (PDF) provide a framework for employee requests for flexibility and for supervisors to approve arrangements.

The University will allow teleworking and other flexible work arrangements, on a voluntary basis, to employees who hold positions that are conducive to these arrangements.


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Maintaining a safe home office is the teleworker’s responsibility. The Telework Safety Checklist is designed to assess the overall safety of an alternative worksite. This checklist can be used by supervisors to develop area-specific checklists. Employees are encouraged to discuss any safety concerns they have with their managers.

Employees should contact their agency’s telework officials to determine which checklist they should utilize. Employees are encouraged to discuss any safety concerns they have with their managers.

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All teleworkers must adhere to the University’s Information Technology requirements for data security and related matters. IT has developing Teleworking Requirements to outline user’s privileges and responsibilities and information security requirements.

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Each Telework and Flexible Work arrangement is unique depending on the needs of the position, supervisor, and employee. The employee request form is intended to initiate a conversation so that both the supervisor and the employee have a clear, shared understanding of the employee’s work arrangement.

Remember, this program is an employer option, not an employee right, and is appropriate only when it results in a benefit to the institution and may be terminated at any time.

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Supervisors and employees who adopt Teleworking or Flexible Work Arrangements can review the Supervisor and Employee Guidance document (PDF) and Telework Expectations and Requirements (PDF), which provide considerations for employees and supervisors to review prior to putting flexible work arrangements into place.


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