The Ball State University Student Health Center, located in the Amelia T. Wood building, provides ambulatory health care for currently enrolled sick and injured students in addition to providing care for on-the-job injuries for Ball State University employees. The Health Center is comprised of a Main clinicHealth Promotion and Advocacy on the second floor, and a physical therapy unit on the lower level.  

Our mission is to aid the diverse community at Ball State University in achieving physical and mental wellbeing by offering quality acute healthcare, preventative screenings and patient education.

The Health Center is not intended to replace your personal health care provider. We would like to provide care for students and when possible, prevent visits home for medical care. Our purpose is to complement the services of your health care provider. 

The Health Center does not bill any insurance for services provided at the time of a visit.  If you want to have any services billed to insurance, we recommend you contact your insurance company.  They will be able to direct you to a local primary care provider in your insurance network with whom you can establish as a new patient.  Please click on the link for fees for more detailed information.

The Main clinic offers healthcare for most acute illnesses and injuries for students as well as providing care for on-the-job injuries for Ball State employees.  Please click on the link for services for more detailed information. 

IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital employs the health care providers at the center. Our staff works together with the university to meet the health needs of students.