Ball State is committed to putting our students first. Part of this commitment involves providing you with information that will help you stay safe, make healthier choices, stay out of trouble with the law, achieve educational goals, and remain eligible for a successful career after graduation.

Prepare for Success

As a new student, you are required to complete EduRisk, an online harm-reduction course that focuses on essential themes of alcohol and other drug use, sexual assault, bystander interventions and COVID-19 safety. Prior to the beginning of the fall semester, you will receive a message at your Ball State email address with instructions about how to take the online course.

EduRisk is an addition to our other alcohol and other drug abuse and sexual violence prevention initiatives. It is not a simplistic lecture about the use of alcohol, other drugs, and sexual violence. EduRisk is a comprehensive training program that uses interactive exercises and videos to illustrate these concepts and to empower you to make healthy choices.

How You Can Help

If someone you know is struggling with alcohol and other drugs or has or has been sexually assaulted, we urge you to seek help. If you’re interested in educating fellow students about healthy choices or advocating for sexual assault victims, we encourage you to get involved with campus peer education programs.

What You Need to Know

Ball State has firm policies and procedures regarding alcohol, other drugs, and sexual assault. We also offer a range of campus resources for you, your parents, faculty, and friends who are eager to learn more about these topics and get help for themselves or for others.