The Campus SaVE Act is a federal law contained in Section 304 of the reauthorized Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and was signed into law on March 7, 2013.   

The Campus SaVE Act requires that institutions of higher education provide mandatory training covering relevant topics cited by the federal law. Training includes offering new students and new employees primary prevention and awareness programs that promote awareness of rape, acquaintance rape, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

All Ball State employees and students. Employees will complete the online training module from the LawRoom training vendor. Ball State undergraduate and graduate students are participating in Think About It, a mandatory program that covers the mandatory topics.

Each employee will receive an e-mail from with a link to the online training module. The e-mail will also contain a unique username and password for that employee. The employee clicks on the link and logs into the online module using his/her unique username and password.

Most participants should be able to complete the module in 60 to 90 minutes.

You have 45 calendar days from the date you receive the e-mail from LawRoom with your link, username, and password.

Training is self-paced. You can start and leave the module as often as you’d like. When you return, the module will open to the last page visited.

The program will automatically log you out after 10 minutes of inactivity. You can log back in later and resume where you were before.

If you are paid on an hourly basis and are eligible for overtime (nonexempt employee), completing this mandatory training is work for which you will be paid. You should complete the module only during regular work hours when you are on the clock and at work. If you are paid on a monthly basis and are not eligible for overtime (exempt employee), you can complete the module from a home computer if you choose.

Yes. You will automatically get reminders every two weeks. If you have not completed the module, your immediate supervisor will get a friendly reminder about your status. If you have not completed the module within the 45 days, senior leadership in your area will be informed with the names of those who need to finish.   

After you complete the final quiz and acknowledge reading the Ball State policies, you will have the option of printing a certificate of completion for your records. The Learning and Development Office will monitor your status and print a copy of your certificate of completion and place it in your personnel file.

The employee will need to get a new temporary password from the Tech Center in Bracken Library (BL 101).

You have four options to recover a lost password. In order for us to verify your identity and prevent identity theft, you will be required to provide valid identification. 

This requires that you have registered a life-line e-mail address. A life-line e-mail address is an alternative e-mail address that can be used to recover a lost password. If you have not already registered this address, then you can't use this option this time.

Visit the Tech Center Located in Bracken Library, Room 101 If you are on or near campus, then you can come to the Tech Center located in BL 101 to get your password reset. Please bring either a valid driver's license or your Ball State ID for verification purposes.

Request a Web Ticket or Call the Technology Helpdesk at 765-285-1517. You may call the Technology Helpdesk and have personal information verified by Technology Helpdesk staff. Once verified, Technology Helpdesk staff will send your account information to an external e-mail account specified.

Submit a Remote Password Reset Procedures Form to the HelpDesk to Have Your Password Reset. You can download and complete the Remote Password Reset Procedures form. Once completed, the Technology HelpDesk staff will process your request and send you a new password to the e-mail address you specify on the form. The form must be filled out completely and a valid ID scan must be included.