Professionals work with University serversThe Division of Information Technology provides and supports technology, communication, information, and collaborative services to Ball State faculty, students, and staff in the pursuit of excellence in teaching, learning, and research.

Our primary goal is to serve as a catalyst to the campus community using technology in creative, innovative, and immersive directions to advance and support the mission and goals of the university.


Agree to provide students, faculty, and staff with skills, simplified options, and clear directions; empowering them to search, easily use, and traverse the technical complexities of a changing culture.   


Agree to work toward easy to adapt processes or technology, by "unbundling" complex processes and environments into more manageable pieces.   


Agree to vigorously assess our processes to reduce the "hassles" that result from our choices of technologies and systems.   

Agree to simplify management processes and avoid overly complex administrative overhead.   


Agree to work toward smaller footprints, easy to adapt processes or technology, and an environment where students, faculty and staff are richly empowered.   


Agree to avoid custom-built technology environments whenever possible, rather seek "core" components and processes which are accepted in the industry, ubiquitously supported, easy to integrate, and can be acquired elsewhere or achieved through shared effort.     


Consolidate to reduce what we manage. Agree to leverage what others have done (purchased, shared community, or freely available) when working toward shared institutional goals.  

Information Technology Departments

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services (ITS) provides vital behind-the-scenes support of applications, computing, conferencing services, development, email, networking, operations, video and voice services.

ITS comprises the following groups:

  • Business Operations
  • Enterprise Systems and Operations
  • Enterprise Information Systems Services
  • ITS Special Services
  • Unified Communications

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Unified Technology Support (UTS) provides friendly and knowledgeable technology support for the Ball State community.

Through our wide range of services, we will help you find the answers to your technology questions and provide expertise to help resolve your technology support needs.

The Tech Center, located in Bracken Library, room 101, is home to several UTS services, including:

  • Concierge Desk
  • TechTime
  • Technology HelpDesk
  • Technology Store
  • Hardware repair

Additional technology support services include:

  • Adaptive Technology Lab
  • instructional classroom support services
  • UTS-managed general use labs, specialty labs, and testing labs

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The Office of Information Security Services is responsible for the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of all information assets at Ball State University. But at the end of the day, cyber security is ultimately about people.

The office is a resource in helping you to be cyber aware and cyber secure. If each of us commits to staying informed on cyber risks and follows best practices, we can make a big difference in staying safe online.

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University Media Services (UMS) provide state-of-the-art media-related services to Ball State faculty, staff, and departments. They provide high quality video production and professional broadcast services, classroom media delivery, digital and satellite-based conferencing, media archival services, media support for distance education, equipment checkout, and the installation, repair and maintenance of media and production equipment. UMS also provides broadcast production services for East Central Indiana with quality public television and radio programming.

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For over 10 years, the Ball State University Digital Corps has provided a creative and collaborative work opportunity to undergraduate students while supporting the academic success of the University. The Digital Corps provides superior training and great experiences within a student’s chosen craft to help prepare for a career, along with workshops focused on professional preparedness. Students from a wide range of disciplines—video production, design, communication, user experience, and development—come together to form interdisciplinary teams focused on creative problem-solving.

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