Withdrawing from Individual Courses

After the drop/add deadline, the only option to adjust your schedule is to withdraw from a course during the Course Withdrawal Period. A grade of W will appear on your transcript and does not affect your GPA. Before withdrawing from a course you are encouraged to discuss the withdrawal with your instructor and/or academic advisor. You should also examine your reasons for wanting to withdraw as well as any options and potential implications.

  • If your reason is related to the difficulty of the course or poor performance, you are strongly encouraged to speak with your instructor and see a tutor to improve your grade.
  • You should consider how course withdrawal could impact your degree progress and length of degree completion.
  • You should contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (LU 245, 765-285-5600) to consider any impact on maintaining your scholarships or other financial aid.
  • You should consider any possible effect on family insurance coverage.
  • You should consult your residence hall director if you will drop below the full time status of 12 hours.

Withdrawal must be done online by the deadline day for the term. Consult the Office of the Registrar Calendar to know the exact deadline for your course. For information about account adjustments for individual course withdrawal, please contact Student Financial Services (LU B32, 765-285-1643).

To do your course withdrawal, use MyBSU (my.bsu.edu): Self Service Banner. Choose "Course Add/Drop/Withdrawal" in the Registration menu. Select "Web Withdrawal" from the action menu beside your course, and then select "Submit Changes" to complete the procedure.

Though withdrawal from a course will sometimes be the best option, this action should only be taken after you have made a thorough examination of your circumstances and alternatives. If there are verifiable extenuating circumstances that justify late withdrawal (after the Course Withdrawal Period has ended), see your academic advisor.

Withdrawing from All Classes

On-campus students who need to withdraw from all classes after the semester begins, must contact the Director of Retention and Graduation (Student Center (SC) L-20, 765-285-3312) and complete an application for withdrawal. The procedure is not official unless it is completed in this office. Students are strongly encouraged to discuss their withdrawal intention with the staff in this office before removing any courses from their schedule. They will help you understand how your decision affects your grades, refunds, your financial aid awards or student loans, housing contracts, and your potential return. You must continue to attend classes until you have submitted a completed withdrawal form.
If you withdraw from all courses, instructors will be notified. Each instructor will be asked to report the last day of attendance and a grade of "W" will be given for each course, provided you withdraw by the published deadline. Grades of "W" will appear on your transcript and will not affect your GPA.

Online and Distance Education students who find it necessary to withdraw from all courses during a semester or term must complete an online application for withdrawal through Online and Distance Education.

You can find additional information about withdrawal from all classes on the Office of Retention and Graduation website, or contact the Office of Retention and Graduation, 765-285-3312.