Through special arrangements between Ball State University and the Ecosa Institute located in Prescott, Arizona, a unique spring semester opportunity is available for students in the Architecture, Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning programs to participate in a remote studio working with students from around the country.  The Ecosa Institute Semester offers field trips, lectures, guest speakers and projects which engage sustainable design in its wholeness -- from architecture, to perma-culture, to product design, to urban design, to environmental design, to community planning.  

Client-based, real-world design projects serve to teach holistic thinking “in action” to bring the threads of sustainability together into practical solutions.  At the end of the semester students will have gained a strong foundation in what David Orr calls “ecological literacy” an understanding that is crucial for our future leaders in all fields. 

As sustainable design is an integrative and multi-disciplinary process, this program is open to students and professionals from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines.  The Ball State connection builds on a long-term commitment to develop mutually supporting programs between Ball State University and The Ecosa Institute. 

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