Approximately two-thirds of the area is covered by mature deciduous forest, dominated by a mixture of oak, hickory, ash, walnut, hackberry, and sugar maple.

An open area located in the center of the  Christy Woods property divides the forest into east and west sections. Much of the open area is filled with tallgrass prairie, similar to the habitat that once dominated much of northwest Indiana. Other plant communities represented include bog, sedge meadow/fen, and pond.

Spring flora, or the plant life occurring in an area of Christy Woods, includes a variety of species in the category native wildflowers. These species are representative of the most common species found in east central Indiana and are found on other sites in addition to Christy Woods. Additional flora found in east central Indiana include:

  • wildflowers 
  • trees, shrubs, and vines  
  • ferns
  • grasses and allies
  • nonnative species