For health and safety, our writing time programming is on pause for Fall 2020. We hope we can write together again soon!

Some writers need a dedicated space and time to write. For these writers we have the following schedule writing times:

Faculty Breakfast Club, Fridays 8:00 - 11:00 a.m. 
The Writing Center is closed to all but faculty during this time to give faculty a time and place to get writing done. Interested? Contact us for more details.

A Write Start
If you are a graduate student currently enrolled and working on your final project in any graduate program at Ball State University you are eligible to sign up for our FREE mini writing retreats. These retreats will provide participants with 

  • A quiet space for over four hours of dedicated writing time
  • Free coffee, snacks, and lunch 
  • An optional individual consultation 
  • A mini-writing lesson over lunch 

The retreats are a great way to jumpstart your writing habit at the start of each semester, but they are not a replacement for ongoing conversations with your graduate advisor. Facilitators will also not proofread drafts or check your formatting. Want to know more? Contact us! Graduate Boot Camps are hosted by the Writing Center and sponsored by the Graduate School.