Are you interested in what makes us human? Do you care about diversity, equity, and inclusion? Would you like to better understand human origins, past cultures, language, and cross-cultural similarities and differences? Do you want to learn how to solve social problems, find internships, or conduct research? Then anthropology is right for you.

As a field of study, anthropology includes archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and biological anthropology. Anthropologists look for interactions among culture, biology, and the natural environment. They bring to their work a holistic and comparative perspective on human behavior that allows them to understand the functioning of human groups and apply their skills and insights in any context – from the local to the global, farms and forests to urban centers, and prehistoric pasts to uncertain futures. A major or minor in anthropology will keep you professionally competitive while giving you the tools to navigate a globalizing world.

Anthropology Major

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Our major in anthropology trains you to use anthropological methods to solve problems related to cultural heritage and preservation, forensics, archaeology, health-related topics, and more. Learn more.

student examining an artifact

Minor in Anthropology

Build a strong foundation in critical thinking and analysis that you can apply to any academic or professional field. You’ll also broaden your understanding of people’s behavior and multicultural relationships. Learn more.

Student in museum

Minor in Ancient Studies

If you want to enhance your appreciation of world history and culture, aspire to go to a graduate school, or plan to teach world history and civilization, you will find our interdepartmental ancient studies minor beneficial. Learn more.