David Johnson

David Johnson

Teaching Professor of Art


Room:AJ 417

David Johnson earned his BFA at the University of Iowa and his MFA at Miami University, Oxford, OH. He recalls, “Drawing, for me, is one of the most natural, organic, human activities. It is both wonderfully primitive and endlessly sophisticated. We can ‘read it’ like we read gesture, tone of voice and attitude. I like an art that derives from a person’s life and experience. Something the person knows about or has had direct experience with, so they know what they’re talking about. I like direct drawing from life. It’s hard to find a person to sit for you that you can draw 24 hours a day. Edward Hopper said he was drawing light on the side of a building. The world looks better when the sun shines, but the sun is not always shining. Etching and woodcut are good ways for me to extend my drawings. Etching enriches them in many ways. Woodcut gives them emphasis. In these ways I am able to transform and extend my drawings. I print them a few times for easier dissemination, which also helps to make them less precious. My woodcuts and etchings begin as drawings but with the change of medium they turn into something more developed and something unforeseen.”

Professor Johnson’s work has shown in about 4oo exhibitions; locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. He has received numerous prizes and examples of his work have been purchased for the collections of the New York Public Library, the Boston Public Library and the Yale University Art Library among others.