Katelin Holaday
Katelin Holaday
Biology 111 Lab Instructor

Room:FB 207


Ball State University - B.S. in General Biology, Chemistry & Sociology Minor, 2022
Ball State University - M.S. in Biology, Biotechnology Cert., 2024

Research Interests

I am conducting my thesis research in Dr. McKillip's lab. Antibiotic resistance is rising at alarming rates due to overuse in medicine and agriculture. A particular group of antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens known as ESKAPE pathogens are a growing concern due to their hospitalization and mortality rates in those who are infected.

Our lab's focus is to isolate bacteria found from environmental samples such as soil, water, and dairy that have shown reproducible zones of inhibition against ESKAPE pathogens. The metabolite produced from the isolates will be purified and identified using various chemical methods. With rediscovery of an antibiotic being likely, our goal is to further characterize the compound for clinical use.


I am a graduate assistant for the Biology department where I teach BIO 111 lab sections as well as tutor. Drop-in tutoring is a resource for quick questions about lecture or lab material. I am available at drop-in tutoring in FB147 Tuesdays 12-2pm and Thursdays 2-3pm.

What's Next for Me

Upon graduation, I am interested in pursuing infectious disease research and becoming an educator in either postsecondary education or for communities.