CICS Students and Alumni

Alumni of our program have taken on jobs in some of the world’s most prestigious companies. Our alumni network spans more than 1,800 people across the globe, from the first class in 1986 to today. They are known for their professionalism and loyalty to the program. Even if they don’t know you, most of our alums will take a phone call from you, when you let them know that you are from CICS.

How to Stay Involved

Many of our graduates choose to stay involved with our program after graduation, meeting other alumni, and helping our current students through:

  • social learning events
  • job placement
  • professional networking
  • experience through real-world projects

Our alumni network is growing on a yearly basis. Staying involved helps the next generation of CICS master’s candidates as well as building and reinforcing your own professional network among the alumni who are working throughout the world.

The relationships built in the Center for Information and Communication Sciences continue for a lifetime.

CICS Benefits for Alumni

CICS continues to interact with alumni, and we are always glad to hear from you. Here are some ways the Center continues to benefit alumni:

  • immediate job openings—We communicate job opportunities that are specifically for alumni.
  • career advancement—Many professional opportunities are offered to university graduates two years out and five years out. We keep alumni apprised of these further career-stage opportunities.
  • recruitment—We encourage alumni to post job openings for current CICS students. Some companies offer incentives for employees who bring in new employees, and this is a way to harvest those incentives.

Give Back and Donate

If you are one of our alumni, think about your times in the Center, or your favorite professor here, or the outstanding staff who always made time to help you and talk with you.

If you are one of these special alumni of the program, and you would like to give back or donate, you may give online or contact us directly at the Center for Information and Communication Sciences.

How to Give to CICS

After clicking the give now button below, select Center for Information and Communication Sciences from the dropdown list, choose your gift amount, then click the "Give by Card" button.

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