One of the true strengths of our program at the Center for Information, and Communication Sciences (CICS) is the opportunities for real-world experience. Founded in 1987, the Applied Research Institute (ARI) is a major vehicle for delivering that experience serving as a conduit for corporate partnerships and a catalyst for economic development.

ARI is comprised of focus areas, each led by a faculty member or team of faculty members.


Seven laboratories provide researchers dedicated work and idea space. These laboratories not only allow students a unique opportunity to participate in multiple research projects, but provide exceptional academic support as well. Learn more.

Related Institutes 

Under the Applied Research Institute umbrella, the Center is home to other research institutes as well.

Human Factors Institute (HFI)

The Human Factors Institute focuses on all aspects of the user experience in using a particular technical product, system, or service. It includes the practical, experiential, affective, meaningful, and valuable aspects of human–computer interaction and product ownership. Additionally, it includes a person’s perceptions of system aspects such as utility, ease of use and efficiency.

Institute of Wireless Innovation (IWI)

The Institute of Wireless Innovation researches the critical role wireless technologies play in voice, data, and video communications.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Institute focuses on the unique characteristics of successful technical innovation and entrepreneurship. The goal is to help partner institutions innovate faster and more successfully, driving future product generations and start-up creations.

Intelligent Networked Devices Institute

The Intelligent Networked Devices Institute focuses on projects often referred to as the Internet of Things. It brings together academic researchers and leading companies to engage in thought leadership, breakthrough research, and knowledge-sharing activities. Our aim is to foster deeper understanding, accelerated innovation, and successful deployment of intelligent networked devices and related business applications.

Educational Technology Institute

The Educational Technology Institute studies all aspects of K-20 educational and corporate training technology. It partners with institutions on ideation, product development and testing, and other areas of outcomes-based research. The goal of the Center is to catalyze educational technology innovation and the successful adoption of technologies to improve learning processes and outcomes.

CICS Internetworking Academy

The CICS Internetworking Academy concentrates on the setup, management, and troubleshooting of multiple vendor networks. The CICS Internetworking Academy also provides support to other Indiana Cisco Networking Academies.

Digital Policy Institute (DPI)

The Digital Policy Institute is an interdisciplinary association of faculty within CICS and other units throughout campus who share a collective research interest in the structure of, and competition within, electronic communications industries and the public policy of digital information creation, storage, transmission, reception, and consumption in the 21st century.