Laboratory research is a memorable graduate school experience in the Center for Information and Communication Sciences (CICS). You’ll combine learning growth with the camaraderie of working side-by-side with other researchers on projects and challenges.

The Center is home to multiple research and development laboratories, built from the very beginning of our history by engaged faculty researchers. Our labs have been supported through years of industry and university assistance, providing advice, equipment, resources, and challenging research problems our partners have encountered in the field.

Students work in LabUnder the Applied Research Institute’s (ARI) supervision, seven labs engage researchers through dedicated work and idea spaces:

  • Convergence Lab—integrated information technologies research
  • Networking Lab—wireless and wired networking and engineering
  • Design Thinking Lab—creative work/lounge space and collaborative technology
  • Applications Lab—team meeting and digital development tools
  • Innovation Prototyping & Testing Lab—workbench research laboratory spaceNetwork Integration Center—proprietary client research space
  • User Experience Lab—human factors technology observation, user testing

Within these laboratories, students have the ability to gain invaluable practical experience. Some labs, such as the Network Integration Center, allow selected students the opportunity to participate in both industry and governmental research, while the other laboratories offer vital academic support.

Typical Hardware and Software in Our Labs

  • routing and switching equipment
  • wireless access points
  • Tobii Pro Eye Tracking
  • wireless network emulator
  • servers—Windows/Linux
  • Internet of Things (IoT)—various technologies
  • IP phone system
  • Netlabs (remote access to networking equipment)
  • network testing equipment
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Packet Tracer (network simulation software)
  • Microsoft Project Pro
  • Microsoft Visio Pro
  • Microsoft server software (all varieties)
  • Microsoft development software