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Ball State’s minor in management and organizational communication will teach you how to effectively communicate within companies, organizations, and nonprofits. If you’re seeking a career in corporate management or entrepreneurship, this minor will be a huge boost to your career.

Skills You Will Learn

  • how to make decisions in a small group
  • how to communicate as a leader
  • how to use communication to grow employees
  • how to communicate as an entrepreneur and leader

Eligible Majors

pencil  Note

Other majors may be approved with permission from the chair of the Department of Communication Studies. 

This minor is specifically designed for students majoring in:

Minor Requirements

This is a joint minor between the Department of Communication Studies and Miller College of Business.
Only three credits from your major may count in any option of the minor.



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How to Enroll

If you’re interested in our minor, then you can sign up by working with your academic advisor.

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