Lori Boyland

Lori Boyland

Professor of Educational Leadership

Curriculum Vitae


Room:TC 903A

About Lori Boyland

Dr. Lori Boyland has more than 30 years of experience as an educator in the state, with 22 year in the P-12 schools as a teacher and administrator. She joined the faculty at Ball State in 2008. Dr. Boyland has published in national and international journals and her research focuses on the principal’s role in creating healthy and supportive school environments for students.

Professional Experience

Dr. Boyland is an Associate Professor who teaches primarily in the principal preparation program. She also works with doctoral students and serves as the Director of the Master’s (MAE) Program. 


Indiana University 1998
Doctor of Educational Degree in Educational Leadership

Recent Research and Publications

Harvey, M. W., Boyland, L. G., & Quick, M. M. (2017). An investigation of teacher evaluation practice in Indiana: PL 90 implementation and issues for administrators. International Journal of
Educational Reform
. Manuscript in press.

Andrews, K. A., Boyland, L. G., & Quick, M. M. (2016). Principal evaluation in Indiana: Superintendents’ and principals’ perceptions of a new statewide model. Educational Leadership
, 17(2), 36-55.

Boyland, L. G., Swensson, J., Ellis, J., Coleman, L., & Boyland, M. (2016). Principals can and should make a positive difference for LGBTQ students. Journal of Leadership Education, 15(4),

Boyland, L. G., Harvey, M. W., Riggs, W., & Campbell, B. (2015). Changing school times to combat adolescent sleep deprivation: The experience of one school community. The Journal of School PublicnRelations, 36(1), 7-42.

Boyland, L. G., & Ellis, J. G. (2015). Superintendent retirement in a reform state: Rhetoric and reality. AASA Journal of Scholarship and Practice, 11(4), 21-38.

Boyland, L. G., Lehman, L. W., & Sriver, S. K. (2015). How effective are Indiana’s new principals? Implications for preparation and practice. Journal of Leadership Education, 14(1), 72-91.

Lehman, L. W., Boyland, L. G., & Sriver, S. K. (2014). Superintendents’ perceptions of the effectiveness of newly hired principals. The International Journal of Educational Leadership
, 9(2).

Boyland, L. G., Harvey, M. W., Quick, M. M., & Choi, Y. (2014). Teacher evaluation in Indiana: Principals’ use and perception of field-based practices. International Journal of Educational Reform,
23(4), 270-293.

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Doctoral Dissertatio 799 808 0000 - 0000 OL, room ONLINE
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