Sheron Fraser-Burgess
Sheron Fraser-Burgess
Associate Professor of Social Foundations/Multicultural Education
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Room:TC 815

About Sheron Fraser-Burgess

Dr. Fraser-Burgess is a professor of Social Foundations/Multicultural Education and teaches courses in the undergraduate teacher licensure/professional education program and also philosophy and ethics courses in the master of arts and doctoral program in Educational Studies. As Provenzo (2012) states, in its attention to social justice, social and cultural foundations can make it possible for teacher candidates and practitioners to become responsible advocates for democratic education. Dr. Fraser-Burgess seeks to come alongside teacher candidates and practicing teachers in making the theory-to-practice connections that social justice in education requires, in addition to their acquisition of the knowledge, skills and dispositions of their profession.

As a scholar activist, Dr. Fraser-Burgess conducts research in the analytic tradition of philosophy of education where she writes about the ethical, epistemological and political implications of cultural identity and social positionality. Philosophically, this cluster of moral, political, and epistemological questions presume an ideal of schools as deliberative and inclusive spaces. A democratic society rightly gives pride of place to diversity, critical thinking, and equality of opportunity. As John Dewey maintained, it is the preeminent task of each generation to interpret the meaning of democratic education for its age.


Ph.D. in Philosophy

University of Miami, Miami, FL

M.A. in Philosophy

University of Miami, Miami, FL

M.Sc in Education

University of Miami, Miami, FL

B.A. in English Literature (Hons)

Wellesley College

Research and Publications

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