Mai Kuha
Mai Kuha
Assistant Professor
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Room:RB 335

Mai Kuha lives and breathes linguistic structure and its lessons about how human society and the human mind work. Her research goal is to contribute to our understanding of the linguistic phenomena that underlie social and environmental problems through projects in sociolinguistics and pragmatics that contribute to social justice, improve intercultural communication and understanding, raise awareness of sustainability issues, and help improve the effectiveness of environmental discourse. Kuha's research articles have appeared in the Journal of Pragmatics and Society & Animals.

Professional Experience

Assistant Teaching Professor of English

Teach a range of undergraduate and graduate linguistics courses

Curriculum Vitae

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Ph.D. in Linguistics

Indiana University, Bloomington, 1999


University of Cincinnati, 1990


Northern Kentucky University, 1987

Research and Publications

  • Kuha, Mai. 2018. The treatment of environmental topics in the language of politics. In Alwin Fill & Hermine Penz (eds.) The Routledge handbook of ecolinguistics. London and New York: Routledge. 249-260.
  • Riddle, Elizabeth & Mai Kuha. 2017. Rude language in personal apologies for a political event. In Anna Baczkowska (ed.) Impoliteness in media discourse. Series: Interfaces. Peter Lang. 77-106.
  • Kuha, Mai. 2011. Degrees of anthropocentrism in accounts of wildlife-vehicle collisions. Society & Animals 19(1). 1-21.