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During this multi-week field trip to the Great Plains region, you’ll forecast, observe, and document severe storm-related phenomena such as lightning, hail, and tornadoes.

The trip is preceded by a series of lectures on storm behavior, extreme weather forecasting, and safe chasing techniques.

For more information, contact Dave Call.

This intensive, 20-day program investigates the cultural, historical, economic, political, and physical geographies of Central Europe.

The trip spans from Krakow, Poland, in the north of the study area to Venice, Italy, in the south.

You’ll study in the context of post-socialist restructuring with particular attention to the changing yet enduring texture of the cultural landscape and built environment.

The itinerary includes:

  • Poland
  • Czechia
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia
  • Italy

Specific destinations include the Julian Alps in Slovenia, the Adriatic Coast including Venice, the historic cities of Vienna, Austria and Krakow, Poland, Venice, Italy, Moravia, and Auschwitz.

For more information, contact Christopher Airriess.

The program’s primary theme is tourism development in its various forms heritage, nature, cultural, beach, “dark”, ecotourism) and the impacts on, and its interrelationship with the physical, cultural, economic, historic and political geographies of six Central European countries: Poland, Czechia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, and Italy.

You’ll not only observe landscape expressions of tourism (attractions, infrastructure, impacts), but you’ll be guided to analyze conditions, processes, and outcomes of development. You’ll enhance your capacity to guide intelligently similar endeavors in your future careers.

Each student serves as the program’s director assistant for two days, developing your tour management skills.

This program is a natural enhancement for geography/travel and tourism majors and minors, but also to any Ball State student interested in history, ethnicity, war and peace issues, religious studies, comparative politics, hospitality, natural resources, economics, or Europe in general.

For more information, contact Jerzy Jemiolo.

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