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Whether you’re a working journalist looking to expand your skill set or a recent college graduate aiming to advance your career, Ball State’s online or hybrid graduate program in journalism is the perfect fit. The Master of Arts in Journalism provides an opportunity for students to become better reporters and storytellers with expertise in media analytics. This degree is perfect for students who want in-depth knowledge of the media industry.

Our distinguished faculty of teachers and journalism practitioners will instruct you on data journalism, content strategy, media analytics, and data visualization, as well as eye-tracking research and literary journalism, preparing you for moving up in your field or pursuing doctoral programs. This student-centered degree will help you become an exceptional storyteller, reporter, media analyst, manager, and entrepreneur.

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Robin Blom, Assistant Professor of Journalism
Department of Journalism

Graduate and undergraduate students with an interest in media analytics can become a member of Cardinal Metrics, one of the only student-run media analytics agencies in the country (if not the only one). There are two social media listening and analytics labs on campus, and online students can join the agency as well.

Cardinal Metrics is currently housed in the journalism department at Ball State University.

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If you live in the Muncie area, a graduate assistantship is an excellent opportunity to gain meaningful professional experience while helping cover the costs of your degree. Learn more.

We also offer the following graduate certificates in journalism. Upon consultation with the graduate program director, some courses taken in the certificate program may apply toward the master’s degree in journalism.

These certificates are offered completely online.

Course Requirements

Our 36-credit journalism master’s program is available in two specializations: media analytics and management and reporting and storytelling.

Core Curriculum

  • JOUR 601 Studies in Journalism and Communication Theory
  • JOUR 625 Journalistic Judgments and Sociology of News
  • JOUR 650 Media Audiences and Content Strategy

Research Methods

For each specialization, you will take a research methods course to prepare you for the capstone project.

Capstone Project

During your second year of graduate study, you will begin work on a capstone creative project or thesis developed in concert with a faculty advisor. You may do a practicum or an internship to add a professional, immersive experience to your credentials.


Students pursuing a master's in journalism will choose one of the following specializations. 

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Reporting & Storytelling

In a digital world crowded with endless noise, genuinely captivating storytelling is a rare skill. Our curriculum will equip you to become a highly-skilled, professional storyteller.

This specialization covers:

  • digital storytelling
  • data journalism
  • visual reporting
  • communication theory
  • literary journalism (long-form nonfiction)


  • JOUR 615 Reporting and Research Methods
  • JOUR 623 Visual Storytelling
  • JOUR 643 Emerging Technologies
  • JOUR 653 Data Visualization 
  • JOUR 655 Social + Cross-Media Storytelling


You may take two elective courses from areas such as journalism graphics, news management, digital media instruction, or other disciplines.

As a graduate, you will be well-equipped to help companies and organizations make sense of the increasingly complex world of online media analytics.

Our curriculum focuses on:

  • content strategy
  • social media analytics
  • media management and entrepreneurship
  • audience insight and engagement
  • performance indicators
  • data metrics


  • JOUR 606 Media Management and Entrepreneurship
  • JOUR 651 Social Media Analytics and Engagement
  • JOUR 652 Media Analytics Measurement and Data Management
  • JOUR 654 Content Strategy and Media Analytics Consulting 

Business and Entrepreneurship Electives

You will choose two elective courses from areas such as marketing, management, information systems, public relations, or other disciplines. Options include:

  • ICS 624 Knowledge Management
  • ICS 645 Evolving Database Systems
  • ISOM 551 Operations management
  • ISOM 654 Project management
  • EMDD 610 Theory and Frameworks HCI
  • EMDD 620 Emerging Media Design Thinking
  • MBA 601 Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • MBA 623 Electronic Commerce
  • MGT 500 Managing Organizational behavior
  • MKG 505 Survey of Marketing 
  • PR 605 Public Relations Management
  • PR 662 Public Relations Case Studies

You may take two elective courses from areas such as data journalism, emerging technologies, cross-platform storytelling, digital media instruction, or other disciplines.

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Certificate in Emerging Media and Visual Storytelling

Not quite sure whether you're ready for a full master's degree program? Consider beginning with our graduate certificate in emerging media and visual storytelling. The five-course program will give you a foundation in this field, and you can apply the credits you earn to our master's degree in EMDD. Learn more.

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