Prepare to work for resorts, cruise ships, or dive shops among others career opportunities in deep diving through our minor in scuba. You’ll learn the basics required to receive further training to become a technical, scientific, or rescue diver.

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What You Will Learn

Our minor in scuba will prepare you for a career that requires diving for investigative, research, or rescue-related work. You’ll also get the basics required to receive further training to become a/an:

  • technical diving professional
  • scientific diver
  • rescue diver
  • other diving professional

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop foundational knowledge and skills in Scuba in order to perform surface and underwater techniques under varying conditions.
  2. Expand Scuba techniques to include the use of compass and natural navigation.
  3. Expand Scuba techniques for night and low visibility diving, deep diving, (50 to 100 feet), for search and recovery.

Program Requirements

To earn a minor in scuba, you will be required to first take core courses in aquatics, lifeguarding, water safety, and pool operations. You’ll build on essential water safety skills through scuba training in both closed and open water. The program culminates in an aquatics internship you’ll complete in order to graduate.


If you want to learn more about this minor, contact Leland Yarger.

Total Credits: 18


In addition to the required core courses you will complete the following: 

  • Open Water SCUBA
  • Advanced SCUBA Diver
  • Internship in SCUBA

For a complete list of all the courses you will take and their descriptions, please see our Course Catalog.

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