Matt Frey from Bub's Burgers presents to MGT 241.

Matt Frey from Bub's Burgers gives a guest lecture in ENT 241.

Do you want the business know-how to seize opportunities in your chosen industry and bring them to the marketplace? Designed for business and non-business majors alike, our minor in entrepreneurial management will prepare you to see all your professional endeavors—no matter what degree you earn—from an enterprising perspective. If you like the idea of launching your creations or business ideas into the world, this is the minor for you.

Minor Requirements

This minor can be completed in two years and includes four required courses covering the entrepreneurial experience, marketing for new ventures, venture leadership, and management for new ventures. You can then select one course from 11 electives to round out your minor. During your capstone course, you’ll participate in a group consulting project addressing real-world business problems with community partners. 




A few of the classes you will take include:

  • The Entrepreneurial Experience
  • Marketing for New Ventures
  • Venture Leadership
  • Management for New Ventures

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How to Enroll

To enroll in this minor, visit the Advising Center in Arts and Communications Building, room 224.