It's no secret that there’s a need for specialized instruction in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) both in the United States and abroad.

Our TESOL Certificate Offers Many Advantages 

  • One of only a few TESOL graduate certificates in the nation
  • Can be completed fully online
  • Can be finished in one year
  • Program can be taken full time or part time, whichever fits your needs best
  • Professional development for in-service teachers 
  • If you want more than undergraduate instruction, but are not required to have a master’s degree, our TESOL certificate may provide the exact preparation you need. 

Indiana Teachers

For teachers who want to add on the English as a New Language license in the state of Indiana you need to:

  1. hold an existing teaching license
  2. successfully complete all five of the approved TESOL certificate courses
  3. pass the Indiana Core English Learners licensure exam (#019)
  4. apply for licensure through Ball State’s Office of Teacher Education Services and Clinical Practice (OTES)

Out-of-State Teachers and Non-Education Students

If you’re licensed to teach outside the state of Indiana, you can take the same courses and earn a graduate certificate.

You will be prepared to effectively teach the English language to K12 students and have the flexibility to use your training to teach domestically as well as abroad. Check with the department of education in your state to see if our program qualifies as an add-on license.

Course Requirements

This 5-course program can be completed in one or two years depending on student availability and enrollment.

  • ENG 616 Introduction to Theories of Language Learning
  • ENG 617 Methods in Teaching English Language Learners
  • ENG 619 Assessment in TESOL
  • ENG 620 English Linguistics for Educators
  • ENG 633 Professionalism and Social Justice in TESOL

Sample Schedules


Summer: ENG 620
Fall: ENG 616 and ENG 617
Spring: ENG 619 and ENG 633


Year 1
Summer: ENG 620
Fall: ENG 616
Spring: ENG 619

Year 2
Fall: ENG 617
Spring: ENG 633


Questions? Email Associate Professor of English and Director of TESOL Dr. Lynne Stallings for help with the application process or for more information about the course schedule.

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Students from Other States

Ball State is authorized by the U.S. Department of Education to accept online students from all U.S. states. However, if you are considering a program that leads to professional licensure, some states may have additional regulations. Review our state authorization website if you live outside of Indiana and contact us if you have questions.

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