Teh-Kuang Chang

Teh-Kuang Chang


International Relations / Comparative Politics



Room:NQ 254

Teh-Kuang Chang is Professor of Political Science at Ball State University. He came to Ball State University in 1966. He earned his Ph.D. at American University. Professor Chang teaches American Foreign Policy, International Relations, and Asian and Pacific Studies. Professor Chang's research interests include international relations in Asia, U.S.-China diplomatic relations, democratization in China, and constitutional development in China, Mongolia and Tuva. He initiated the International Studies, Asian Studies, Latin American Studies, and African Studies programs for Ball State University. Professor Chang initiated and chaired the Asian and Pacific Studies Research Committee of the International Political Science Association. During the 1995-96 academic year, Professor Chang was a Fulbright Professor who taught at Shanghai International Studies University and lectured at twelve universities and institutes across China. In 2005, Professor Chang was elected as the President of the International Tuva Studies Association. Professor Chang has travelled to over 70 countries for teaching, research, and participating in academic conferences.