Josh Vandiver

Josh Vandiver

Assistant Professor of Political Science

Political Theory 

Curriculum Vitae


Room:NQ 262

About Josh Vandiver

Dr. Vandiver joined the Political Science Department in the Fall of 2017. His teaching focuses on courses involving classical Greek and Roman political thought and its modern reception, American and global political thought, political aesthetics and propaganda, conservative and radical political thought, fascism and neo-fascism, and the identity politics of race, ethnicity, indigeneity, sex, gender, and sexuality. His research focuses primarily on how the emerging discipline of masculinity studies can enable new and deeper insights into both canonical texts of political thought and urgent political issues in the contemporary world. Dr. Vandiver has taught Early Western Political Thought (POLS 312), Modern Western Political Thought (POLS 313), Masculinity and Politics (POLS 450), and Minority Group Politics (POLS 475) at the undergraduate level. For the M.A. program Dr. Vandiver has taught Western Political Theory (POLS 615) .  


Professional Experience

  • Ball State University: Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, (2017-Present)
  • Williams College: Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, (2015-2017)
  • University of Chicago: Lecturer, Department of Political Science, (2014-2015)
  • Princeton University: David A. Gardner '69 Fellow & Lecturer, Humanities Council & Writing Program (2013-2014)
  • Princeton University: George W. Perkins Fellow & Lecturer, Humanities Council & Writing Program (2012-2013)



  • Ph.D.     Politics Department,  Princeton University
  • M.A.      Politics Department,  Princeton University
  • Lord Harlech Fellow  New College,  Oxford University
  • A.B.      Department of Government,   Harvard University


Selected Research and Publications

Journal Articles

  • Vandiver, J. (2018) “Alt-Virilities: Masculinism, Rhizomatics, and the Contradictions of the American Alt-Right,” forthcoming in Politics, Religion & Ideology
  • Vandiver, J. (2018) “The Radical Roots of the Alt-Right,” in Political Extremism and Radicalism in the Twentieth Century: Far-Right and Left Political Groups in US, Europe and Australia (Cengage)
  • Vandiver, J. (2016) “Plato in Folsom Prison: Eldridge Cleaver, Black Power, Queer Classicism,” Political Theory 44 (6), pp. 764–796
  • Vandiver, J. (2014) “Xenophon contra Plato: Citizen Motivation and Socratic Biography,” Polis: The Journal for Ancient Greek Political Thought 31 (1), pp. 74–102

Book Reviews

  • Vandiver, J. (2019) Review of The Socratic Way of Life: Xenophon’s Memorabilia, by Thomas L. Pangle, Perspectives on Politics 17:4 (December)

Honors and Awards

  • Bruce D. Benson Center for the Study of Western Civilization Summer Fellowship, University of Colorado Boulder (2019)
  • Student Government Association Outstanding Faculty Award, Ball State (2018)
  • Huntington Library Research Fellowship, San Marino, California (2013)
  • Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni (APGA) Teaching Award (2012)
  • Stanley J. Seeger Fellowship, Hellenic Studies, Princeton (2005-2010)
  • Lord Harlech Fellowship, New College, Oxford (2004-2005)
  • Newbold Rhinelander Landon Scholarship, Harvard (2004)
  • Thomas Temple Hoopes Prize, Harvard (2003)