The European Studies (EURO) minor features an interdisciplinary approach to the study of cultural, economic, environmental, political, security, and strategic issues faced by contemporary Europe.

Defining Europe either in the geographic sense—stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Caucasus and Ural Mountains—or in the political sense of membership in the Council of Europe, EURO draws together courses from a number of departments to offer a synoptic view of the challenges Europe confronts in the twenty-first century.

EURO is designed so that students will gain enhanced knowledge and skills appropriate for careers in public service, education, and business, as well as any other profession that values in-depth knowledge of the European continent, its inhabitants, and its position in the global order.

Following the invasion of Ukraine in Spring 2022, the European Studies program supported the creation of a new student organization focused on strategic and security issues—many involving Europe—the Grand Strategy,Security, and Statecraft Group (G3SG).

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Minor Requirements

EURO minors complete 18 credits from a range of core and elective courses.


EURO minors share a common core of three courses:

  • GEOG 357 Geography of Europe
  • HIST 456 Europe Since 1945
  • POLS 313 European Grand Strategy

For a complete list of courses, including elective options, please see our Course Catalog.

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If you want to learn more about the EURO minor, contact the Director of European Studies:

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To enroll in this minor, please contact our program advisor, Laura Waldron.

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Computer Recommendations

Students entering the Department of Political Science will need to possess a personal computer. The College of Sciences and Humanities provides recommendations for the specifications student need to excel in their course work.

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