Preparation for a test begins with reading the assignments, doing the homework, and going to and actively listening to the lectures. Once a test has been announced, preparation may include the following activities:

Before the Test:

  • Review systematically over time.
  • Reduce the information to study; focus on unknown information.
  • Survey the material you need to know for the exam.
  • Find out if the test questions will cover notes, books, etc.
  • Link new information to old.
  • Make study sheets - include definitions, theories, and formulas.
  • Find out the form of the exam.
  • Predict exam questions.
  • Rehearse material via flash cards, outlines, and mapping strategies.
  • Recite the information out loud.
  • Create memory and mnemonic devices.
  • Seek academic resources (professors/tutors/classmates).
  • Contact Counseling Center for extreme anxiety.

During the Test:

  • Get a good night's sleep before the test.
  • Have ample supplies - at least 2 pens or pencils, scrap paper.
  • Avoid classmates who might heighten anxiety.
  • Read the entire test before starting.
  • Budget the allotted time.
  • Do not rush through the exam.
  • Read each question and answer choices carefully.
  • Circle key words which focus attention.
  • Dump information on the margin or the back of the test.
  • Be test wise.

After the Test:

  • Talk to the professor about errors.
  • Attend Supplemental Instruction sessions and Learning Center tutoring.
  • Discuss concerns with academic advisor.