10 Steps to Better Management of your Study Time:

  1. Decide that how you manage your time is important.
  2. Evaluate your study needs for this term.  Which classes will demand the most time? 
  3. Record how much studying you are now doing.  Is it enough?
  4. Set a weekly schedule based on your needs and desires. 
  5. Keep a semester schedule with due dates on it.
  6. Keep a daily "To Do" list.  Break large assignments into smaller parts and schedule them on your "To Do" list.
  7. Revise your schedule as needed.
  8. Schedule study time during your open blocks of time.
  9. Try to study in small blocks of time during the day.
  10. If you get off your schedule, don't discard it.  Restart.

For Online Students:

Procrastination can cause trouble faster than anything.  Be very aware of timeliness.  Online classes are often very time-driven with specific deadlines.  Login every day to keep up with the discussions.  Jumping into discussions at the last minute is not conducive to learning and many teachers deduct points for this behavior.