No. If you registered for a standard course and the University moves that course to online, you will not be assessed the online fee for that course.

If you signed up for an online course, you will be assessed the $25 per credit online fee for that course.

Online course fees are charged when online courses are selected by the student. Students who were moved to an online course by the University are not being assessed the $25 online fee for those courses.

No, applicable fees have been assessed. Future changes to your course registration will be subject to the regular fee structure.

You are best-suited to know what courses you need for your academic progression. You should meet with your academic advisor before making any schedule changes. You are free to utilize the Add/Drop period if you determine a different course is better for you. However, some classes may only be available in an online format at this time as the University follows CDC guidelines for physical distancing for the safety of our students and staff.

If your courses are all online for the entire semester, you were only assessed the Technology Fee and online course fees, if applicable. Therefore, you do not have access unless you purchase a pass for access to the Rec Center or Health Center.