Friday, June 3, 2022
3:30 p.m.
Through this mix of engaging, live presentation and short planetarium videos, learn about the Moon and its features like the Maria, craters, and the Moon’s lack of atmosphere. Learn about the Moon’s apparent motion throughout the day, including rise and set locations, and how this compares to its motion throughout the month. Observe how the Moon’s appearance changes over time as well, by exploring the Moon’s phases. Showtimes subject to change due to nearby construction.
5 p.m.
Planet NineAstronomers have found many planets orbiting other stars in our galaxy. But have they found new planets within our own Solar System recently? Astronomers continue to scan the sky for a hypothetical ninth planet beyond Neptune. Follow Mike Brown and his team at CalTech as they uncover dwarf worlds whose orbits take them deep into the far reaches of the Solar System. Could there be another planet beyond these distant objects? Join us on the hunt! Showtimes subject to change due to nearby construction.
6:30 p.m.
image of star clusterPeople often peer into the darkness of the night sky and wonder, “what is out there?” Seemingly dark regions of space are actually filled with nebulae, star clusters, and other galaxies. Come learn how to navigate the sky by using bright stars and constellations with the help of a star chart, and discover what fascinating objects exist deep in space. Showtimes subject to change due to nearby construction.