My Future TED Talk
Start: October 21, 2020 4 p.m.
End: October 21, 2020 4:30 p.m.

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Miller College Undergraduate Programs Office or Honors College
765-285-5329 or 765-285-1024

A collaboration of Honors College and Miller College of Business

My Future TED Talk features students sharing their immersive and professional experiences beyond a simple debrief of fact, but rather to expand on future applications for themselves and fellow students. The fast-paced format includes four presentations for a maximum of 3 minutes with 2 minutes of discussion!

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Meeting ID: 981 2456 8780  - Passcode: BSUTed1

Topics & Presenters:

1. "Techniques for Overcoming Pitfalls on the Road of Life" by Cam West, Sophomore, Majors: Professional Selling & Computer Information Systems

  • This presentation will highlight proven techniques for dealing with adversity and overcoming challenges by illustrating theory with examples from personal experience. Theories include adaptability, utilization of tools and resources, support groups, intermittent goals, time management, benchmarks to track success, and environmental factors. Examples will include how I personally applied these theories during spring 2020, resulting in my most successful semester ever, and making me a stronger student going forward. Theories were obtained through personal and professional management practices such as course curriculums, professional workshops, and mentors.

2. "Decolonizing the Digital Encyclopedia: Wikipedia in Museums and Cultural Heritage" by Emma Cieslik, Senior (Honors College), Majors: History & Biology

  • Wikipedia is the future of open access cultural heritage. Many of us can recall a professor prohibiting the use of Wikipedia as a reference, but the online encyclopedia is fast becoming a beacon of inclusivity and diversity in the cultural heritage experience. This talk will address my Wikipedia Internship at the National Anthropological Archives (NAA) this past summer 2020. As an intern at the NAA, I engaged with how Wikipedia can open museums by providing greater access to collections and can democratize the stories in that collection narrative, acknowledging and celebrating the knowledge and research of female anthropologists and indigenous community scholars.  

3. "Be Kind Anyway" by Madison Jenkins, Junior (Miller Scholar), Majors: Marketing & Human Resource Management

  • The distinguishing experience that equipped me for my career was engaging professionally and personally with a neuro-atypical child and his family. My father says you HAVE to learn from others experiences, which I now want to share. This experience clarified my values and validated my vocational direction, for I desire to contribute to the needs of all people by employing individual consideration. Inspired by the poem “Do It Anyway”, I would like to share “Be Kind Anyway”. Today, more than ever, we need leaders showing us how to be kind and offer respect, because simply, you should do it anyway.

4. "Soup of Corporate America" by Nae Stewart, Sophomore, Major: Human Resource Management

  • The presentation will address the shortcomings of Corporate America concerning race, gender, and LGBTQ+.  Diversity is an issue in just about everywhere. There is a white majority in nearly all spaces, whether a university classroom, the corner office, or the White House. I am black, female, and bisexual; those labels should not prevent me from landing my perfect job or stop me from performing it well. I wish to help someone else who identifies similarly through their journey, while confronting the business world about its lack of diversity. My goal is to be the one hiring all those capable.