Start: September 29, 2023 1 p.m.
End: September 29, 2023 2 p.m.
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Dr. Glenn Stone

Join the College of Health a we highlight the research of our faculty members across the college.
These in-person presentations will allow attendees to get the highlights of multiple research areas across our 7 academic units, and allow time for question and answer and thoughtful discussion of current research and future projects.

This session will be held in Health Professions Building, room 301

Exploring the Crucial Role of School-Based Food Pantries in Addressing Childhood Food Insecurity

Session Description: This presentation will discuss the ways in which the emergency food assistance system adapted to increased demand and structural barriers to delivery in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, attending specifically to the challenges and opportunities experienced by school-based food pantries in providing resources for children and families in need. Insights will be shared through the lens of qualitative interviews with food bank coordinators who were charged with organizing the efforts of over 200 different school-based food pantries in three states across the Midwest during and following the pandemic.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Christina Doll is an Associate Professor of Public Health in the Department of Nutrition and Health Science.She received her PhD from Purdue University in Communication Studies in 2013. Her specialization is in investigating the relationship between food insecurity and health, specifically analyzing communication strategies and structural changes that encourage healthy decision-making in food pantry environments. Dr. Jones is a recipient of the 2016 National Communication Association’s Golden Monograph Award, which is a competitively selected achievement bestowed at the top publication in the discipline of the prior year, as well as the 2019 Society for Public Health Education Horizon Award for early-career professionals.