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Start: May 10, 2021 12 a.m.
End: May 14, 2021 11:59 a.m.
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Online and Strategic Learning

Save the Date: 5-Day Bootcamp on Building Your Next Online Course


Join the Division of Online and Strategic Learning (DOSL) May 10-14 for “Choose Your Journey,” a virtual, asynchronous bootcamp adventure in Canvas, with optional synchronous Zoom webinars.

Who should brave this journey with instructional consultant trail guides?

  •       Instructors teaching online for the first time, or in some time
  •       Instructors building a course in Canvas for the first time
  •       Leadership and faculty who will assess instructors' online courses
  •       Instructors and other stakeholders who want to learn more about the QM+ Rubric

What Will You Walk Away With?

You will walk away with a course framework and one scalable module as you build the rest of your course.

Optional synchronous webinars each day will focus on humanizing your journey, from how to “warm” your syllabi “fire” to cultivating a welcoming environment for student-to-student collaboration in your online courses.

Successful trail adventurers will receive a digital certificate from DOSL. Upon completion, we invite all adventurers to meet at least once with their trail guide.

What are the Bootcamp Objectives?

Bootcamp objectives include:

  •      Create a home page
  •      Import and modify a Start Here module
  •      Use Pages in Canvas to create module introductions and summaries for your students
  •      Add readings and videos to student’s To-Do list and setup the Mark As Done feature
  •     Export and import all or part of your course to another course (a live course or another Development course) and use the Copy To tool to share materials with other faculty