Start: April 14, 2021 1 p.m.
End: April 14, 2021 2 p.m.

Dr. Kate Shively will present Creative Teaching: Flipped Lessons & Online Spaces for Learning and focus on the development of curriculum that supports teacher candidates in their professional learning about digital literacy and effective virtual/online instruction. In Fall of 2019, we piloted flipping lessons for elementary students as a part of our practicum experience. We expanded on this experience in the Spring of 2020, especially when we went remote full time in March 2020 due to COVID-19. Then, in the Summer 2020, we facilitated and taught an online practicum for 20 teacher candidates. Drawing on these experiences and the literature review, I have created a semester experience for EDEL/EDRD 350 that will further develop teacher candidates’ understanding of designing effective online spaces for learning.

Our presentation will feature the perspectives of students from both the summer and fall experiences, demonstrating how the experiences built on each other. Teacher candidates learned how to design synchronous and/or asynchronous online learning experiences for their elementary students. As a component of the presentation, students share some of their final artifacts that demonstrate the process of embedding the flipped lessons in online field experiences with elementary students. They share how this experience helped them to become a more digitally literate teacher through the design process by using digital tools and creating digital learning experiences for children.

We’ll conclude the presentation with an overview of future developments as a result of this experience. The student learning outcomes from this creative teaching grant have informed conversations about how to improve future field experiences we design for our elementary education program.

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